Who We Are
We pride ourself to be the first Beauty Lounge of it's kind in Jordan, we opened our doors on 10/10/2010, and just as the date sounds,we have been developing our services in a harmony sequence according to our plan, to make sure we provide our customers with the finest beauty services have been experienced ever. Through out our journey, we made sure to keep up with the latest fashion to meet and even exceed our customers'expectation. Following our plans, we added lots of services to our menu, such as manicure, pedicure, wax, facial, tattoos, henna, and much more services which you can find on "Our Services" tab. As part of our long term expansion plan, in 2015, we have opened our second branch in Hay Alrawnaq "BOB & Lyana", which is dedicated to provide the same level of the classy and prestigious level of service promised by our brand. Please visit "Contact Us" tab for more details about our Two branches.